Can Dog Food Secrets Improve Your Dog Health?

cute puppyDogs are most loving and faithful pet in this world. Now these days, dog is the important member of the family that’s why it is very important for us to keep special care of this family member but unintentionally many of us feeding wrong foods that increase the risk of premature death.

Recently, there was a research that proved commercial dog foods increasing the risk of premature death in dogs. It doesn’t matter how much healthy processed foods you are providing to your dog if you are using commercial foods that mean you are providing harmful chemicals in your dog’s body that will cause premature death of your dog.

But, wait…

Andrew Lewis (the owner of Healthy-K9) created a program especially for those people that want to increase the life span of their dog. The name of this program is called “Dog Food Secrets”.

If you reach to this website then probably you already heard about this name but have different questions regarding this program. In this website I revealed complete information about this program and also revealed one of the secret recipes that are shared inside this program.

Additionally, you will also discover my personal review regarding this program that will answer all your questions and able you to take your final buying decision.

Ok, let’s start…

What is Dog Food Secrets?

dog food secretsIt is 94 pages guide that is created by Andrew Lewis for all those dog owners that want to increase the life of their dog and want their dog to become healthy, stronger and happier.

Furthermore, inside this guide you will learn proper nutrition guidelines for your dog. Andrew explained why it is important to fed homemade food instead of commercial food and also explained proper calories-consumption for your dog.

This guide also covers secrets about dog grooming, healthy portion size and vaccination that able your dog to remain in its top shape throughout the life. More importantly, Andrew also shared simple, tasty and healthy dog recipes that will keep your dog healthy and your dog also enjoy in consuming these foods.

Here are some of the bold claims by Andrew:

  1. Commercial dog foods are the responsible for 87% premature death in dogs. By feeding processed or commercial foods your dog are on high risk for premature death.
  2. The information that is available inside this guide will save your over $10,000 in dog food cost and medical bills
  3. By following the food secrets that is shared inside this guide will increase the life of your dog by up to 134%
  4. There are 90% of commercial dog foods that contain 6 deadly and harmful chemicals.
Andrew Lewis did great work by creating a short video presentation that you can watch below:


DFS video

Dog Food Secrets — 4th Edition:

Recently Andrew released the fourth version of this guide that includes:

    • Updated Nutrition Requirements: In previous editions there are lots of dog experts and amazing holistic vets contributed in this guide and with their information and guidance Andrew updated nutrition requirement for different sizes of dogs.
    • Redesigned Recipes Section: Now recipes sections is easy-to-follow text format
    • Easy and Ultra-healthy recipes: In previous editions, recipes are harder to prepare and they take longer that is why Andrew released 39 easy and ultra-healthy recipes that you can easily prepare and improve the health of your dog.
    • Recipes for Puppies: There are many dog owners that want Andrew to add recipes for puppies that is why Andrew created 5 ultra-healthy and easy recipes especially for puppies
    • Calories Guideline: In the fourth edition there is the separate table with every recipe that will give you information about the number of calories present in the recipe.

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Detailed Analysis:

Chapter 1 – Homemade vs. Processed Foods: In this chapter you are going to learn why you should provide only homemade foods to your dog. Here you also find ingredients that you must include while preparing food for your dog

Chapter 2 – Daily Dietary Requirement for Dogs: This chapter will show you what are some important nutrients your dog needs on daily basis. Further in this chapter you will also find what is balanced diet for your dog.

Chapter 3—Additional Dog Health Consideration: In this chapter, Andrew shares some important guidelines that will keep your dog healthy and in top shape. Further in this chapter you will get checklist for keeping your dog healthy.

Chapter 4—Delicious Doggy Cuisine: In this chapter you will find table that will explain adequate amount of calories required by your dog and Andrew will show you some of the best recipes for your dog.

Chapter 5 – Puppy Food: This chapter is dedicated to all those dog owners that have puppy in their home and want their puppy to become healthy and stronger.

Recipes – Main Course Dishes and Crumbly Cookies: In this section of the book you will discover lots of different healthy and delicious recipes for your dog.

What Do You Receive With Dog Food Secrets?

dog food secrets gold package

Andrew Lewis offers three different packages (that are bronze, silver and gold). After you complete your payment, you will get instant access to:

  1. Dog Food Secrets – 4th Edition: This is the 94-pages main guide that will explain you all the information about improving dog’s health.
  2. Canine Diet Changeover Guide: This 14-pages guide will tell you how to change diet of your dog.
  3. 23 Doggy Treats: In this 34-pages guide you will find 23 easy homemade snacks recipes for your dog.
  4. Homemade Happiness for the Hungry Hound:  In this 137-page you will find over 180 tasty dog recipes that are shared by dog owners.
  5. Dog Training Uncovered MP3 and Text Version:  If you are interested in some dog training advice then this bonus is very valuable for you.

All these guides are available in bronze package, if you update your membership you will get other guides such as Homemade all-natural Shampoos, confidential dog food report etc.

Sample Recipe:

Here is the free sample recipe:

sample recipes

Bottom Line:

In the end I like to say Dog Food Secrets is jam-packed with lots of information that will able your dog to live longer. When you apply the guidelines mentioned in this program undoubtedly, your dog will feel much stronger than ever before.

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