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The Unknown Case Of Animal Exploitation

Every day we go about our lives buying products, supporting companies that directly support animal exploitation without our knowledge. There are many people out there who are indeed animal lover and yet, they do not know that every day their money goes to companies that exploit animals in the worst ways possible. One very good example is, if we were to look around our homes, we would be likely to notice that almost every cleaning product, cosmetic product and medical supply that we have in our house is divided among two or three big corporations that market these products to us under different brand names. Some examples of these corporations would be Unilever and Rekitt and Bekinser among others. These companies support and take part in severe animal exploitation as most, if not all of their products are tested on animals in the cruelest ways possible.

These animals who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it are crammed in to tiny cages and bound while these cleaning products are thrown in their faces, in the eyes and they are fed the products in order to test their side effects in the case that a human accidentally swallows it. However, it has been proven time and time again that these testing methods are out dated and do not prove anything as the product may not affect the rabbit or the monkey however may be very likely to have an adverse effect on the human due to the completely different biological make up of a rabbit to a human.

Sale of animals
In addition to exploitation for medical purposes, animals are also exploited every day for other reasons too. Every day we are faced with dog auctions, bloodstock horse auctions in the newspapers, all forms of exploitation because animals have as much right to live a free life on this earth as we do and therefore taking an animal away from its natural habitat and having it breed so we can sell those animals is indeed one of the worst forms of exploitation. Inglis horse auctions are similar in every way to human trafficking because if we were to replace that horse with a human, we would have no doubt as to how wrong the whole process and industry is and therefore why do we think twice when it is another species? In addition to all of the above examples, animals are bred every day for meat consumption in the cruelest ways possible and a little known fact is that fifty six billion land animals are killed every year to meet this demand.

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How To Keep Pets And Be A Good Pet Owner?

If one has decided to keep pets they need to know the health concerns as well as how to keep their pets happy and safe. These need to be their priority as far as the pets are concerned. Safety precautions need to be taken as well as training needs to be given to pets that can be trained. Most pets are trainable and that ensures that they are easy to learn basic obedience commands, which makes it easier for the pet owner to interact with them as well as to take them out socially.

What it entails?

When you are deciding to keep a pet, not only do you need to invest time in dog training but also ensure that you take care of their needs. You need to be able to read their behavior, train them and pick up after them as well. Most animals take a while to train and some need to be cleaned after more than others.

Safety tips

Those who are looking to keep pets, not only do they need to spend time in best dog training in Brisbane and similar training services, but ensure that one knows how to keep the pet safe. It is best that collars are put on dogs and they are not allowed to roam outdoors without being on a leash. Dangerous items need to be kept away from pets as they might be poisonous or could choke them. If a pet is being carried while traveling, one should get a prescription from a vet and ensure that their supplies are carried always.

Health tips

In order to ensure that the health of the pets remains well it is necessary to take them to the vet regularly. The stool needs to be examined and it should resemble the normal stool of the breed. Feet and nails need to be cared for not only for the comfort of the animals and the pets, but also to keep infections and other health issues at bay. Pets should be regularly taken for vet appointments and their shot schedules should be maintained.

What pets require?

When one is considering keeping a pet, they need to ensure that they can give them a lot of attention and love. Animals need a lot of attention and care and they will do what they can if they are not getting enough of it. However, one should be prepared to pick up after their pets as they can mess up things. Keeping the home clean of pet droppings like hair and feathers as well as removing stool and other droppings are work that comes to pet owners. These are points that one should consider before getting a pet.

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Giving A Treat To Your Favorite Animal

People who have pets love to give them treat. It can be pet dog, cat or even a rabbit. There are varieties of reasons why people like to give treat to their pet animal. Most people give treats to their pet as a reward for good behavior, encourage in training or by protecting, etc. whereas other people might just want to simply give treat to pamper their pets. If you have a pet dog, you might treat it as reward for performing a task well which the owner has been training and teaching.

If you have a pet dog, it is said that if you want to train them quickly, it is easier to train the dog to obey your command or perform a task or trick if you reward them with a tasty treat once the dog completes and listen to what you commanded. Whereas cats are lazy animals and show little interest in learning tricks or activities. Cats cannot be motivated even with their treats to learn tricks or listen to the obedience training. However many pet owners love to spoil their pets buy buying them pet gifts.

These dog treats in Australia at Pawgie can be their pet’s favorite food or toys. Most pet owners prefer to spoil their pets with gifts of treats. Cat owners love to spoil and give treats to their feline pet because to show the cat love, affection and to provide them entertainment. This spoiling is done by cat owners are because the cat lives strictly indoors. They will hide the treat inside a toy or food puzzles to temporary entertain the indoor cats because they lack going in to the environment.

Many cat and dog owners offer treats that are food is because treats are nutritional supplements that benefits the pet animal. Also some treats help improve the oral health of the pet. Some pet treats are designed specifically to help clean the pet’s teeth if there is any tartar buildups or to fight plaque. It is always better to select organic treats for your pet.

Your pets especially your dog or cat will become quickly dependent and accustom to receive treats and this might be good in one way but there are disadvantages too.  Although it is easy to train your pets using treats as motivation tool, the pets start to enjoy and this and it becomes bad for so many reasons. Firstly your pet will start to gain excess weight with eating too much treat, this also make them lazy to move around. Another disadvantage would be that it will come dependent and sometimes might not obey your command unless you give your pet a treat.