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Treating Your Canine The Right Way

Dogs have been considered as man’s best friend since the beginning of time but this does not necessarily mean you should treat it like a human. It is quite true that dogs greet us and display multiple characteristics of what you would expect from a human friend but treating your dog or puppy like it is a human can have adverse effects on its mental state of mind. A dog’s natural instinct looks up for a owner who is cool headed with calm nerves and is mature enough to ensure that the pet dog receives proper nutrition, proper training and care.

Your job is to also help your canine pet overcome challenging moments and any fears it might possess. For example if your dog is approaching a larger dog, you are not supposed to pick it up and prevent it from going through that experience because your actions can cause a negative personality for your dog. This will teach your dog to be nervous and scared and this will become part and parcel of your dog’s personality. By giving proper training and attention to your dog you can prevent such things from occurring. If your dog is grown and is already exhibiting such behaviors then you can consider seeking the services of a dog behavior specialist diagnose him.

If your canine pet is still a puppy, then you can take him to a dog training specialist Brisbane to teach your puppy to be well mannered and calm around guests and teach them to go outside when they require the use of a bathroom. They can also teach your puppy to deal with anxiety and teach the dog owners vital tips on handling common canine behaviors like chewing and barking. The end result is that it creates a closer bond between the dog owner and his dog.

If it is a puppy you own, first take it to the vet to check for any anomalies, birth defects or existing diseases and talk to your vet about the vaccinations and the dates that they are due on. Make sure the vet you choose is a good one. When it comes to the topic of food, there are different types of dog food. Some are meant for adult dogs and some types are specially made for puppies. Look for certification from the relevant authorities or governing body. If you are not sure about which age can be classified as adult for your dog, contact your vet and ask him or her about it. Make it a point to put down a bathroom routine.