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Negative Effects Of Avian Infestations

When people think of pests, animals like mice, cockroaches, ants, termites and most kinds of small critters are almost always mentioned at least once in their discussions. However, some people ignore the fact that there exist way more species which can prove to be a nuisance once their populations reach certain numbers.

Birds are a great example: although you might like seeing one or two pigeons perching on your home’s roof from time to time, the same cannot be said of a situation in which you have to contend with dozens of birds nesting in every nook and cranny of your home’s exterior space. Due to this, you need to be careful when bird populations reach certain levels. Prepare yourself by calling in professional bird control services, who will act in a timely manner to avoid further growth of the bird population, with the use of equipment like bird control products or repellents.

Following are just some of the ways in which bird infestations can have a negative effect on humans.

Spreading of Diseases

Most common types of birds you can see outside, such as pigeons, seagulls, mynahs and sparrows can be host to several harmful bacteria and viruses, which can easily spread and cause diseases in humans. In fact, this is why people are advised to not touch bird droppings or even feathers shed by birds, as these can all contain harmful microorganisms on top of their surface.

Attracting of More Pests

Another issue that arises from the accumulation of bird droppings is the gathering of other pests, like insects and rodents, who in turn will spread any of the diseases that they are carrying with them. These other pests might be attracted by the droppings (since there are animals which feed on them) or due to dead carcasses of birds which will inevitably turn up from time to time.

Damage to Property

Bird droppings contain chemicals which can gradually wear out certain materials and surfaces over time. Car paint is known to get damaged if you don’t clean bird droppings as soon as possible, and droppings which have dried out can wreak havoc inside expensive machinery, causing excessive rusting and deterioration of metallic surfaces. This is the reason why experts advise factory owners to set up best bird control netting in order to avoid having to replace their equipment prematurely.

Visual Impact

Finally, a large flock of birds moving here and there between your office buildings can look unsightly, more so when you consider the fact that they will leave behind excrements at every possible opportunity. This will also cause an increase in maintenance costs, as you will be forced to constantly call commercial cleaning services to get rid of the mess that the birds cause on a daily basis.