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Giving A Treat To Your Favorite Animal

People who have pets love to give them treat. It can be pet dog, cat or even a rabbit. There are varieties of reasons why people like to give treat to their pet animal. Most people give treats to their pet as a reward for good behavior, encourage in training or by protecting, etc. whereas other people might just want to simply give treat to pamper their pets. If you have a pet dog, you might treat it as reward for performing a task well which the owner has been training and teaching.

If you have a pet dog, it is said that if you want to train them quickly, it is easier to train the dog to obey your command or perform a task or trick if you reward them with a tasty treat once the dog completes and listen to what you commanded. Whereas cats are lazy animals and show little interest in learning tricks or activities. Cats cannot be motivated even with their treats to learn tricks or listen to the obedience training. However many pet owners love to spoil their pets buy buying them pet gifts.

These dog treats in Australia at Pawgie can be their pet’s favorite food or toys. Most pet owners prefer to spoil their pets with gifts of treats. Cat owners love to spoil and give treats to their feline pet because to show the cat love, affection and to provide them entertainment. This spoiling is done by cat owners are because the cat lives strictly indoors. They will hide the treat inside a toy or food puzzles to temporary entertain the indoor cats because they lack going in to the environment.

Many cat and dog owners offer treats that are food is because treats are nutritional supplements that benefits the pet animal. Also some treats help improve the oral health of the pet. Some pet treats are designed specifically to help clean the pet’s teeth if there is any tartar buildups or to fight plaque. It is always better to select organic treats for your pet.

Your pets especially your dog or cat will become quickly dependent and accustom to receive treats and this might be good in one way but there are disadvantages too.  Although it is easy to train your pets using treats as motivation tool, the pets start to enjoy and this and it becomes bad for so many reasons. Firstly your pet will start to gain excess weight with eating too much treat, this also make them lazy to move around. Another disadvantage would be that it will come dependent and sometimes might not obey your command unless you give your pet a treat.